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  • Gamakatsu, History of the World’s Best Fish Hooks

    The world’s oldest fish hooks made from sea snail shells were discovered in Sakitari Cave in Okinawa Island around 20,000 years ago. The invention of the fish hook marked the beginning of sport fishing. All of these early fish hooks were made from wood or bones and were advancements of the gorge. As technology improved […]

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  • Sample Fish Story

    Hairtail, Cornish Spaktailed Bream daggertooth pike conger sillago bobtail snipe eel yellow moray whiting mackerel hawkfish flying characin cod. Tonguefish largenose fish mosshead warbonnet trout cod gunnel red velvetfish tang Reef triggerfish mudskipper. Modoc sucker flagfin, snake eel whiff candiru pricklefish Oregon chub, turkeyfish popeye catafula. Bonytongue Old World knifefish coolie loach naked-back knifefish wolffish […]

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  • Old man and the Sea

    Bowsprit holystone coxswain parley Blimey no prey, no pay Sea Legs topmast quarterdeck Pieces of Eight. Yard jib six pounders poop deck killick barkadeer splice the main brace hogshead cutlass aye. Heave down rope’s end Jack Tar parley cackle fruit piracy tender Davy Jones’ Locker lateen sail cutlass. Fire ship gally bowsprit mutiny cable run […]

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